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CSM Has Gone Back To Its Roots – Come Visit

Tom McWeeneyI established the Center for Strategic Management 20 years ago as a sole proprietorship in the hopes that I could assist a few federal agencies improve their mission-related performance. After 20 years of heading strategic planning, budget, and program evaluation components in the Government -- as well as teaching these subjects in graduate school and getting positive reinforcement from my colleagues and my students -- I believed that I could make a difference. This was 1994, the Republicans had just regained Congress for the first time in over 40 years with their "Contract for America", budget deficits were out of control, and government and the performance of federal agencies was coming under severe challenge. The notion of managing for results was just starting to be discussed.

A lot has happened over the past 20 years, some of which is presented in our tab marked "History". CSM was successful beyond my wildest imagination, owing in large part to the enactment of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), the decision by Central Michigan University (CMU) to become a thought leader in this new and emerging field, and the visionary leadership of some incredibly dedicated public servants and educators who encouraged me and trusted my approach. I have been most fortunate to lead CSM on a journey that led to the training of 4500 federal employees, the transformation of more than a dozen federal agencies and programs, and the development and implementation of collaboration models and information sharing systems that changed the way many agencies do business.

Many of the projects undertaken by CSM were complex, but our approach was incredibly simple; it was neither academic, nor bureaucratic, nor self-serving. We focused on helping highly motivated government executives make a difference by understanding and addressing the real problems faced by the real people, in their very real organizations. And virtually all of my clients and many of my students made a difference – a significant difference in the public service.

The landscape has dramatically changed over the past 20 years, but I don’t believe that I have (well, maybe just a bit). And although consulting work has evolved into a complex enterprise and the federal contracting process - on the verge of being simplified 20 years ago – has grown incredibly complex and problematic for small businesses, I'm convinced that many of the same problems still exist and many of the solutions I was able to suggest can still make a difference. More importantly, I still believe that there are people in government leadership positions who still want to make a difference.

So I invite all who review this website to consider whether their organization would benefit from:

  • candid performance assessments;
  • a strategic direction that conveys the true nature and scope of the change that will occur;
  • the specific obstacles they will face and what it will take to overcome them;
  • meaningful performance targets that are actually enjoyable to develop and monitor;
  • the transformation of their organizational culture; and
  • the realization of results that were once thought to be highly unlikely.

If there are any public servants still out there that would still enjoy such a journey, come on inside and see what we have that might help you.

I can assure you – you won’t regret it.

Tom McWeeney


The Center for Strategic Management plays a leadership role on the team established by ABS Consulting. This team was selected for the GSA Performance Management and Continuous Process Improvement (PM/CPI) Blanket Purchase Order. This government-wide vehicle will allow agencies to procure a comprehensive set of services to maximize operational effectiveness, especially in the current uncertain budgetary climate. For more information please click here or visit and click on GSA.

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